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a pretty girl在线看a片

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a pretty girl在线看a片

It had been two weeks since I had my adventure at the Three Mountain Lodge but I hadn’t forgotten it. The business conference was dull and I would while away the tedious hours fantasizing about Connie’s fat ass bouncing off my cock while I slapped it and called her names, she of course getting off on it. Is there anything hotter than good girls doing bad things? I couldn’t think of anything else. So, on my drive back through that rather secluded part of the mountain highway I knew where I was stopping for the night. I hoped that Connie would be working the front desk again so that I could some how entice her into coming up to my room for another fuck fest. Fucking a stranger in a hotel room had to be one the hottest experiences of my life and after two weeks of thinking about it, I didn’t want to be stuck fucking my fist again when she was somewhere in the same building! Turning the corner into the lobby I couldn’t believe it; she wasn’t fucking there! In her place at the counter were an old man and a different girl. After a second glance I realized that this was the same girl who was working the counter when I checked out last time. Maybe she knows if Connie is working tonight, I thought. I approached the front desk and the old man asked me if I needed any assistance. I said I needed a room for the night. He had me fill out some forms, the standard deal and all the while I see the girl smirking at me from out of the corner of my eye. Her name tag said her name was Kim. She was a cute kid, good looking but a little young. Obviously just out of high school. “Is Connie working tonight?” I asked in what I thought was a casual voice. The girl smiled a little more. “Not tonight. Sorry.” I was crushed. Two weeks of hoping and waiting just went down the drain. It was like waking up in the middle of a really good sex dream and then trying to get back to sleep so it can continue, but all you have left are the fading memories of how good it was. “That’s okay. Maybe next time.” The old man came back with the key and eyed me suspiciously. “Do you know Connie?” “Uhh… Not really, but last time I was through this way she was really nice… made an impression you know?” He nodded. “Yeah, she’s a good girl. Tonight’s her night off.”With that I thanked them and went up to my room. It wasn’t a fancy room like last time and despite the look of the rest of the hotel, this looked like most other cheap, dirty hotel rooms. Compared to this room, the entire experience two weeks ago seemed like a dream! I settled in and watched some TV in bed for a few hours, bored out of my fucking skull. Around eleven I called Pay-per-view to get some porn and decided to relieve a little tension, imagining reaming Connie’s fat ass the entire time. By one in the morning I was drifting to sleep when there was a knock at the door. I got up a staggered to the door. I opened the door and standing there was Kim. It took a moment to register because she wasn’t wearing the hotel uniform anymore. Instead she had on one of those puffy jackets that look like a freaking life jacket and black lu-lu lemon pants tight on her legs. She stood there smiling in her cute way and holding a cardboard box. I didn’t know what to say. She did. She pushed past me into the room. “Aren’t you going to invite me in? I hoped that you weren’t sleeping but I figured you wouldn’t care too much if you were.” She put the box on the table and took her jacket of making herself right at home. Underneath the jacket was a tight black t-shirt and this was where I got my first real look at her. She was fit, blonde hair; short and cute, pinned back with several pins. She was pretty short herself which I had already thought, but it really hit home when she took her shoes off and sunk another couple of inches. Her tits were perky Bs and she had a nice ass. It wasn’t ass big as Connie’s, but this girl looked like she worked out, jogged or something. She was thin, but there was muscle underneath it all. Not so that she was buff, but enough to give her shape. “You don’t mind, do you?” I realized that I was staring and managed to mumble something that sounded like a no. “I didn’t think so. Boys never seem to mind.” “Um… I don’t mean to sound stupid or anything but…” She beat me to the punch. “You want to know why I’m here!” She gave me a little smile as she said it. There was something going on. She walked over to the table and opened the box. From inside it she produced a six pack of beer and bottle of Vodka. “I thought since you missed Connie, you might want a little company. So I put together a little party pack!” She tossed me a beer and cracked one herself. “Sounds pretty nice, actually! Thanks!” Free booze, a pretty girl, I could do a lot worse I thought. By the end of the six-pack I was finding out all about Kim. “Connie’s my sister. We live in a house on the other end of the property and work here because there’s really nothing else around. It’s a family owned business. That was my dad at the front desk earlier. I would’ve asked if you wanted to hang out after my shift, except he was there listening. He’s so over protective. Do you smoke weed?” The question caught me off guard. “Do you?” “Sure. What else is there to do in the sticks?” She reaches into her jacket pocket and pulls out a bag of weed. I’m not an expert but I’d guess it was about a quarter ounce. She rolled it all into a giant fucking Chonger and we smoked the thing to our heads and downed shots of Vodka. This was turning out to be a fun evening, I hadn’t been this wasted in a long time! We were lying on the bed next to each other watching infomercials when I realized how hot I was. “Is it just me or is it hot in here?” I asked. “No, air conditioning doesn’t work in this wing right now. Actually, do you mind if I…” That was all she got out before she pulled her shirt over head and removed it. Now she was wearing nothing to cover those Bs except a white lacy bra. I went instantly hard. “You don’t mind, do you?” I was stunned. She was young and gorgeous and she was tanked. “Why would I mind?” That was the best I could do. “Good.” She said. With that she started dancing. It wasn’t an erotic dance at first, it just seemed like a drunken teen having fun and we both laughed. But then her hands started sliding all over her body. Neck, breasts, hips, legs and in a slow teasing way she pulled her pants off, pealing them from her legs and ass like the skin from a banana. The laughing stopped. She stood there in bra and panties, teetering slightly from one side to the other from the booze. She was stunning and I noticed the innocent little girl look was completely gone from her face. I wanted to say, “What are you doing?” but the words weren’t coming. I couldn’t. That would be stupid.She put her girl face back on for a smile. “Are you still hot?” I nodded. I didn’t know what I should do. She was too young. It felt wrong, but I hadn’t done anything I told myself. She walked over to the bed and crawled on top of me and started unzipping my pants. Out of reflex I pushed her hands away and stood up. “I don’t think this is such a good idea.” Her eyes weren’t on mine. Instead she stared firmly at the bulge in my pants, now obvious since I was standing. “Are you sure about that?” She walked over and started taking my cock out. “I was worried you’d be all worn out after you ordered that Porno at eleven, but it looks like you’re alright.” With that she stuffed my cock deep into her mouth, getting it wet with her tongue. I couldn’t stop her now. Have you ever tried to stop a hot chick from sucking you off? No. You just can’t. It’s genetically engineered in us. And so I just watched her head bob rhythmically on my knob and enjoyed the show. At least I could take comfort in know this wasn’t her first time. She knew what she was doing here, tracing her tongue up and down the shaft, sucking the head with her pouting lips and driving it deep into her throat. It wasn’t long before she had a good pace going and I had my hand on the back of her head helping her along. I was going to spray into this girl’s throat! I couldn’t stop now, I grabbed onto her head and started fucking her face. I may not have got to ass-fuck Connie after two weeks of waiting, but now I was face-fucking her little sister! She started to moan as I forced myself into her throat. A wet sucking noise started as I plunged each stroke into her open mouth. Her hands gripped my thighs hard, but let me keep on thrusting. I sped up my rhythm and was about to cum when she pushed hard against me sensing what was going to happen next. She broke free and fell onto her ass panting. There was drool running down her chin and onto her chest. I was kind of pissed off! There’s nothing worse than stopping right before you cum! What was this game we were playing? I know she was drunk, but she also had a plan when she came up here. Maybe I had crossed a line? “What the fuck is going on?” I asked. She stood up, wavering pretty badly and teetered over to the table, picking up the Vodka bottle and taking another swig. She turned and leaning on the table she looked me in the eye. “You can’t cum yet.” This girl was unbelievable! “I want you to fuck me like you fucked my sister.” There it was. This was twisted. “How do you know about that?” I asked. “She told me. She told me you fucked her brains out and it was the hottest thing ever.” She was so confident. “And now you think I’m going to fuck you, just because you say so?” She had nerve. But she was right, I would. She was so presumptuous, it pissed me off! She probably always got what she wanted, and she knew it! “No one’s ever turned me down before. You gonna be the first? I don’t think so.” With that she pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me, straddling my cock as it strained against her panties. “You’ve already had the good sister, now you can try out the bad one.” “Look, you’re really hot, and I want to fuck you… I will fuck you, but this is kind of weird. You’re a hell of a lot younger than me.” She reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. Her tits were perfect. They weren’t huge, by any means they were an average size. But what a handful. They were so perky but big enough to hang and both nipples were hard points needing to be tortured. “I’m old enough.” She pulled my head towards her chest and I wasted no time in licking and nibbling her breasts. “I have fucked other guys before, you know.” She was grinding herself onto my cock so hard it burned. “But they were all too young.” She reached between her thighs and pulled aside her panties to allow my throbbing cock access to what it wanted. I was now full on biting her nipples. They had to be sore as I pulled and mangled their delicate flesh. I bit down hard and she screamed, pulling my head away with her hands. “Hey! That hurts! You bad boy!” She grabbed my cock and giving it a hard squeeze (revenge for her nipples), she pushed it at her vaginal entrance. She was so wet, there was no problem sliding in to the hilt! She spent a moment there just being filled by me, eyes closed and swaying slightly. Then she started moving up and down in long strokes, putting my hands on her tits and hers on my chest. She wasn’t lying when she said she knew how to fuck! “After you left, Connie was walking funny. I want that. I want whatever you did to her.” She was moving faster now. “She’s always such an uptight cow. Such a bitch! And you fucked her loose, didn’t you?” Driving herself down onto my cock she was going wild. I couldn’t believe the things this girl was saying. She was going to cum and cum fast. She was going to cum talking about her sister getting her brains fucked out! “This cock fucked her, right? I always knew she was secretly a slut. Always to pretending to be so good!” I shifted my hands from her tits to her hips. This was great! I was gonna let this girl do all the work. I guided her hips to a faster rhythm, forcing her to cum. “AAAAARRRGH!!!! YES!! OOOOHHH! That WAS good!” I thought that was funny, I hadn’t even started yet. “Don’t slow down.” I said. “Keep going.” I pushed her hips back and forth to keep her going. Her eyes went wide. “Didn’t you cum in me?” “I will.” She smiled and went back to work. I could hear her breathing so hard, sweat ran down her chest. The sex was damp and sticky in the heat. I gripped her panties like reigns in one hand and put my fingers in her mouth with the other. She sucked on them like she did my cock. I teased her a little. “You want to get fucked like your sister did?” She moaned an affirmative with my fingers in her mouth. I took them out and asked again.“I want you to do things to me that a porn star wouldn’t do.” She smiled as she said it, getting off on the words. I couldn’t tell if she was for real or if this was just some kind of game. Maybe it was just the liquor talking, but I wasn’t playing around! Reaching around her ass I rub one of my wet fingers on her asshole. She smiles slightly and I know she’s into it. I push one finger in. Her face scrunches up. “That feels so good.” I push two fingers in and she gasps. “Now fuck them.” She’s a little resistant at first and goes slow until I say, “I thought you wanted to do whatever your sister did?” Her eyes flashed defiantly at me and she started to buck and grind on my hand and my cock at the same time, moaning little whimpers as she got dp’d. Faster and faster she moved now, bringing herself close to climax again in a matter of minutes! “Do you like those fingers in your ass?” I asked. “Yes I do.” “Are you a dirty little whore? Say it?” “I am! I’m a dirty slut!!” “Just like your sister?” “Oh god,国外精品视频在线观看免费 yes! I’m a dirty little whore like my sister. UUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!” She came violently shuddering in a way I’m sure she had never known before. She collapsed onto me panting like a dog, sweat beading off of her face and chest. “Tired?” I asked with a grin. “Do you need a break or something? Don’t worry, I’ll be doing the work now. All you have to do is get up on your hands and knees and just take it.” “Okay…” She said it hesitantly and seemed uncertain if it was a joke. I wasn’t about to force her to do anything she didn’t want to. Lucky for me, she was drunk enough to be making rash decisions. “If you don’t want to, that’s cool with me.” I left a pause in there before saying, “I just thought you wanted to be fucked so hard you’ll walk funny. I don’t expect your little ass to take it the same as your sister’s big fat ass.” That’s all it took. She turned and looked at me in defiance. She wasn’t smiling anymore. “Go look in my bag. There’s a tube of hand lotion.” I got the lotion from the bag and when I turned back to the bed, she was already on her hands and knees with that tight little ass high in the air. “You think I’ve never done this before, either?” I lubed up my cock and got behind her. “Good. Then you know what you’re doing. Grab those ass cheeks and spread them.” She obediently lowered her head to the pillow and reached her hands back to grab a handful of ass with each one and pull them apart. I pressed the tip of my cock onto her little hole and rubbed the lube around, teasing her. She exhaled with one long hard breath. She was way too cocky, or at least too drunk to be this cocky! She was getting out of her depth and I could tell, but every time I thought about going slow or taking it easy, this bitch had to egg me on and it was starting to piss me off! “Are you going to use that thing, or what?” She mumbled from her face buried in the pillow. She may have been trying to be playful, but that’s not how it came across. Fuck her! With one thrust I launched myself into her entirely. Her head flipped up, “JESUS!” I left it there for a moment, grinding against her as hard as I could. She was breathing shallow and trying to squirm away from the big dick in her ass. My hands clamped down around her hips, keeping her in place. She was pretty tight and I doubted seriously if she had the kind of experience she claimed to, but this is the game she wanted to play. I started guiding her hips in long steady strokes, pulling my cock all the way out so just the tip was touching her ass and then pushing in to stretch her ass over my dick and as deep as it could go. She was taking it well. After the first few strokes she got up on her hands stiffly trying to brace herself for each new assault. I picked up speed. This was good shit and everything, but I wanted to cum in that ass, and I didn’t want to take the chance she’d back out. I couldn’t really blame her either. My cock was now slamming in and out of her like a piston in an engine! She even started to push back! I guess she really was half the porn star she liked to pretend she was. Her head fell forward and was hanging, bobbing to and fro as I pounded her from behind. Moans were escaping from her lips, “Yeah… do it. Fuck me.”I wanted to hear more. I wanted her to tell me this was the fuck of her life! “You like that?”“Yes!”I slapped her ass, leaving a red hand mark on one cheek. “Tell me!”“I love your cock in my ass!” This had gone beyond fucking. This was about playing games now. She was trying to beat her big sister, show her up, somehow prove something, I don’t know what. I didn’t care. She and I had somehow started our own game. I wanted her to relent. I wanted her to give in. I wanted her to stop pretending she was so hard and be screaming from the fucking. A fucking she never before experienced and she probably never would again. I wanted to own her and she was trying to hold her own as I ploughed my cock into her again and again! I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head up, holding her hair in each hand like reins. “Can you handle what your sister did? Huh? Can you take this? This? This? THIS?” I was ramming into her as hard as I could and I knew I was driving myself over the edge, but I wanted this bitch to break! “God yes! Fuck my ass! Harder! Slap me again!” I did. And again! I knew she wasn’t going to break, but I was. I lost. The least I could do was make her cum again. I knew she was close again, all I had to do was push her over the edge. I slapped her ass again, making it jiggle and grabbed onto her hair again. This was the last mile. “You gonna take this cum like your sister did? Are you?”“That’s right! I could keep going too! I’m a nasty slut! I love it up the ass! I love… UUUHHHHHGGGHH!!!!!!!!” That was it. She came and I couldn’t hold back any more. I started to shoot my load deep into her bowels when she said, “Yes! Fuck my seventeen year old ass!” It hit me like a ton of bricks! 17? It was too late, I was cumming and I couldn’t stop now! I finished with a few hard long strokes before I withdrew. I was floored. She was a minor! This was wrong! I could get in a lot of shit for this if I got caught! I got a sinking feeling in my stomach and rolled off the bed and grabbed my pants. She was still panting on the bed, trying to catch her breath. “Where are you going?” I turned. “You’re seventeen?” She giggled. “You think that’s funny? I could go to jail if we got caught!” “Like you didn’t enjoy it?” She was right, and I paused for a second to think about it. Actually knowing it was a turn on. Knowing it was wrong, made it hotter. “You’re a minor, and that’s it.” I turned to button up my pants. Then, under her breath she muttered, “God you’re such a fucking pussy!” I turned around to face her smug ass. “What did you say?” She sneered. “That’s right! You think I’m such a cute little innocent?” I knew she was and I knew she wasn’t. She was still playing the game. She must have been fucking guys like this for a while, and she thought she knew it all, but there was more out there and I knew it. I looked into this arrogant bitch’s face as she curled her lip, mocking me and I knew that I could still win. I could still fuck her so hard she would never forget! And knowing how wrong it was just made it more exciting! Fuck it. “Alright, you want more?” I walked over and picked up the bottle of lotion. “You got anything left?” She taunted. “We’ll see won’t we? Just keep that ass up in the air.” I got behind her and poured a generous pool onto her ass. It ran down between her cheeks. “yeah…” she cooed. I poured the rest onto my hand and got to work. I pushed two fingers into her ass easily. She was still loose from the brutal assault only moments earlier, but if she thought that was brutal she had another thing coming. She pushed her ass down on my fingers with no problem, so I inserted a third. This was tight. Not too tight, but a nice tight. She silently kept fucking my fingers defiantly.As I pushed in my fourth finger she really slowed down. So I started working them in and out of her ass which was still stretching. She now started to grunt and pant. She must have known what was coming next, but the game, the game was too important. She wasn’t ready to give up and I didn’t want her to, but I knew she was finally unsure of whether she could take this or not. My thumb went in next and I was starting to get hard again. I had never done this before, but I had seen videos on the internet. I couldn’t believe I had all five fingers in this girl’s ass up to the last knuckle! She started pulling away. I could tell this was starting to hurt. The knuckles were the widest part of the hand and her ass was stretched so fucking wide open I worried I might tear something, but I also knew with a little more work, I could get it in there! “I thought you were such a dirty little slut?” I pushed a little harder. “UGHH!!!” She let out a cry. “I don’t know…” “I thought you wanted me to do things to you that porn stars wouldn’t do? I’ve seen porn stars do this shit!” I pushed harder. “AAHHH!!!” This time she was louder. “Just slow down for a sec…” I kept on mocking her, cutting her off when she tried to back out. Goading her into finishing the game. She was getting angry now but I didn’t care. If she wanted to she could just get up and leave and I knew she was close to doing just that. But I wanted her to stay. “I didn’t think your little ass could take this. Not like your sister. Her big ass swallowed this fist no problem.” I lied. “You’re full of shit. Connie never did this shit.” I guess she wasn’t that stupid. “Why do you think she was walking so funny? I thought this is what you wanted.” I pushed again. She cried out. “I guess your ass is too small and tight… and young.” That did it. “Alright, fuck my ass. Put it in… all the way.” I needed no more encouragement. I pushed hard. She pushed back. “AAARRRRGGHH!!!! YEAH!! HARDER!!” I pushed again and felt her ass started to give a little. She was screaming pretty loud now, and I hoped no one else was in this side of the building. My knuckles pushed past the rim as she pushed against my fist. “OH FUCK!!! YOU’RE RIPPING ME APART!!! AAAARRRRGHHH!!!!” I pulled out a little. “Did you want me to stop?” I ridiculed. “FIST FUCK MY TIGHT ASS!!!” I plunged forward again and within minutes I was slipping past the hand and was sliding neatly into her up to the wrist! She was panting and moaning and whimpering but I didn’t give her time to enjoy the victory. I started pulling and pushing back and forth in her slimy ass, fisting her. Her insides were soft and wet but so tight. “I’ve never been so filled!!” I kept fucking away. “Does it feel good?” “Shit it hurts… uhh, but yeah, I guess it’s good.” I was so hard now. And I wanted more, and in that moment I knew she was broken, she just needed a little push. I knew the game was over when she said, “So are you done?” “Not until you cum again. And I want you to thank me when you do.” “I don’t think…” She started to protest. “I didn’t ask you to.” I was going to finish this now. I pushed her head down and aimed my cock at her sloppy pussy, now dripping lotion from her lips. I pushed my cock in and as I did, she screamed into her pillow. I had to twist my hand at an awkward angle to keep my fist in there but it made her pussy so tight! Her ass was so tight it was cutting off the circulation to my hand and each time I pushed my cock into her, I could feel my hand in her too! I was fucking massacring this girl and she asked for it! Fuck that! She’d beg for it! “Do you want me to stop? If you can’t handle it I could always go wake up Connie. I bet her ass could take TWO fists!” I was loving this! “No! Don’t…uh stop. Just ahh…cum. Cum… in me!” She was trying so hard. “What was that? Speak up, bitch!” I slapped her ass as hard as I could. “AAAIIIEEEEEE!!! Ow! Ow! FUCK!! JUST FUCKING CUM!!” This was begging, but not with the words I wanted to hear. I twisted my fist in her and she inhaled sharply. “Make me want to cum in you, whore! SPEAK!!” I started throwing my fist as deeply as I could into her sloppy and now limp asshole. At the same time I was slapping her ass blue with my free hand and fucking her swollen pussy with my cock. What a response I was getting too! “UUUHHGGG!!! FIST THAT ASS!!! PLEASE!!! ARRGHH!!! GIVE ME ARRRGHH!!!! Oh my god… AHHH, MORE!!!I’M SUCH A NASTY WHORE!!” This was it. “Reach around and finger your clit, whore! Make yourself cum with a fist in your ass!” She reached around and got to work with no delay. “YES! I LIKE IT! I WANT I WANT IT!! I’M SO DIRTY!!! I’M SUCH A DIRTY BITCH!!! I’M GOING TO….UHH…AARAARARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!! JESUS!! FUCK!!!” She violently spasmed and shook as her final orgasm of the evening rocked her entire body. When she started to cum I stopped moving and watched her fuck herself on my cock and fist as hard and fast as she could. Sweat was flying off her naked and twisted young body and I enjoyed watching her take pleasure from degrading herself. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I emptied what felt like a pint of jizz into that girl that she eagerly accepted, her ass stroking back and forth on my hand as loose now as the elastic on an old pair of jogging pants. I pulled my hand from her slimy ass and lay down beside her panting like animals. She looked over at my hand, the moment now over and the adrenaline and booze having left her system. Her eyes were wide in shock and disbelief of what we had just done. I couldn’t resist teasing her a little. “So are you sleeping here? Give me twenty and I could go for a round two!” That was it. She had passed my little test or whatever she thought we were doing, but she had enough for one night. She quickly got up and dressed, making lame excuses about why she couldn’t stay. I watched her from the bed and waved as she opened the door to leave. I used the hand that she now knew so well. She thought for a moment and then ran over to me, kissing me before she left. It was a good kiss. It said thank you and you win. At least that was how I saw it. “I’m not going to be able to sit down for a week.” She smiled an evil little grin and then left… “just like her sister,” I thought. I love girls who are scared of the dirty things that turn them on.


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