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if nothing在线精品免费视频无码的

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if nothing在线精品免费视频无码的

2(Hey everyone!I thought I’d try a short series in which each entry is from the perspective of the two people involved.This one is from her perspective,(note it’s not the same encounter…that’s too easy!) my first attempt at writing such.Enjoy!)Layton’s Perspective:I took a moment to myself.It was crazy, I know, considering this, but I knew it was the only way I was going to get finished with school.My feelings for Chris had ebbed of late, to say the least, and his father was, if nothing, easy on the eyes.Six foot or better, with a trim body, I was sure I could have done much worse, considering the so-called ‘***********ion’ at the two Sugar-Daddy sites I did check out (Yes, I did go there).And wow was I ever surprised at the size of the old guy’s cock!Chris was no slouch, something I personally liked, but wow was this damn thing was much thicker, so taking his load in the back of my throat was a challenge, but I made it work.So worth it.‘That’s how the rest of this weekend needs to go’, I thought.The walk in shower with its decadent art deco glass and rainfall head was nice, if not a bit posh, like everything else the man owned, which I guess is to be expected from ‘One of the most prominent lawyers’ in this region (or so they say).And as bad as I know it makes me sound, well…I figured I should make the most of it.I had stepped out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, and was working on my hair, when in walked Mr. Johnathan Roberts, not that I didn’t expect it.Despite the agreement, I was still nervous about just showing off my naked body, and found myself a bit shy.“I have to say, you are quite the sight.” He said.I must have blushed a bit because he commented on it, and stepping closer added, “I can see what the boysees in you" He said, as he looked at me with a kind look but with something a little raw underneath. I remember Chris said that his dad had been single for a while. I wonder when the last time he’d had a girl go down on him."What you mean?" I asked in a tease.Yes, I was play-acting.I mean if I have to do this, well, OK, I decided to have fun with it, and Chris was never good at role playing.But MR. Roberts was another story"Oh come now, my pet.You know what I mean." He came a little closer and reached out for the towel. I tried to play hard to get as he was reaching for the towel, and stepped back just as he grabbed it. As I was holding it loosely in front of me, he was able to easily pull it completely away from my body, leaving me once again completely naked.I liked how my body made him smile so smugly.I found it exciting."W-w-what are you doing?" I feinted shock, stepping back again as he stepped closer."Just admiring" He said. "Then again maybe a little more" I went to step back again and hit the wall. I was cornered. He came closer, put one hand on the wall beside me, blocking my only escape. His other hand reached out and cupped my breast.He had a look of confidence, and it was powerful and alluring.I felt bit weak knowing I was at his mercy."This isn't right…."I said in that teasing tone."By that look in your eye, pet, I’d say you’re teasing me.He closed in to me, still out of kissing range.I was falling under his power. Johnathan smiled as he pinched my nipple between two fingers and twisted and pulled at it. It made me groan.I both did and didn’t believe I was getting turned on by this. Then again, sex with Chris always makes me super horny for the next few days because I just can't get enough of him. But this was crazy!!! It was his father!!! I didn’t even try to suppress it, uttering a loud moan as he squeezed my nipple harder.My breathing was getting heavier, and he bent down and took my nipple into his mouth, holding it gently between his teeth and flicking it with his tongue."You like that?" He asked as he pressed himself against my body. He was warm, firm, and in control.I LIKED him being in control, & I gasped as I felt his hard cock against me. He was huge! I knew then that I had to submit to him. Chris would never have to know. I simply nodded in response and let him continue his explorations. "Don't worry. This is just between us, Layton." He whispered in my ear as he reached around to grab my ass and pull me into him. I REALLY liked him referring to me as ‘pet.’I was soaked at this point, and just wanted to have him in me, but damn that man, he won't let me take control. He ran his hands over my body, pressing himself into me making me crazy with desire. My eyes were closed as I let myself get lost in lust and was jolted when he pulled away from me without warning.When I opened my eyes he was stripping off the last of his clothing.Again the thick heavy cock was against me,十七岁日本在线观看完整版 and when it rubbed my slit I almost lost. This powerful seductor kissed my neck as he wrapped his hand in my hair and with a subtle movement pushed me to my knees.I instantly took him in mouth. Damn thing seemed even larger than the last time.Moaning on his cock as I took him deep in my mouth, bobbing my mouth up and down and swirled my tongue around his head. I could hear him moaning and his breathing getting heavy. I took a breath and took him all in my mouth so that I could feel him in my throat and my nose was pressed tight against his body. He moaned loudly and I fucked his cock with my throat.Abruptly he pulled me off him."Any more of that and I'll cum. And I plan on cumming in that twat of yours" I eagerly submitted as he turned me & bent over the side of the bed, my feet on the floor, hands grasping the blankets. He knelt down behind me and I gasped loudly as Johnathan Roberts did something I never expected.From behind he clamped his mouth on my clit.I yelped in pleasureI ground my pussy into his mouth as he licked at me. My breathing was heavy, and I was getting closer to cumming. He let go of my clit and lightly flicked it with his tongue. I was in heaven. His tongue seemed to be everywhere. And then it was in me, darting in and out like a little cock. He rubbed my clit as he did this, causing me to shriek in pleasure"O fuck yes!Yes-s-sss…Sir…." I screamed. With force this man rolled me onto my back, I was propped on my elbows, and he was instantly back down on me, again clamping my clit.After a few minutes he inserted a finger into me, then another. He fucked me hard with his fingers, my wetness making sloppy sounds as he flicked his tongue over my clit. Dammit this old man had some skills!He eased a finger to my ass and pushed against it. I didn’t care and pushed back, and his finger slipped in my tight little ass just as he bit gently on my clit and flicked his tongue across it.I had only had anal twice, and never with Chris, but the effect was immediate."O fuck!Ah!I’m… I'm cumming" I yelled as I rode this older man’s face through my orgasm. I was still cumming when he stopped and quickly got up and in one firm motion pushed that big thick cock into my dripping wet pussy.I was sensitive, plus that damn thing was thick, so I threw back my head and yelped aloud, loving the look of determination on this man’s face as he took me. He kept a finger rubbing my clit, and throwing my head back and screaming I came again, experiencing incredible pleasure tinged with some wonderful pain..I couldn't form actual words at this point, just a bunch of grunts and moans and screams. When I came down from my second orgasm he took his finger off my clit and told me to rub it myself. I did immediately and moaned when I felt how hard and swollen it was. Johnathan grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs out straight and wide, and began pistoning into me with force, making me yelp in pleasure.I was in heaven.Stopping only long enough to move me to doggy style, this man continued to pound shamelessly into me.As he did so he took his wet finger and pushed it against and into my ass. His free hand held onto me as he fucked me hard and fast.I was grunting so hard I was crying, it felt THAT good.He added another finger to my ass and was in deep now. I was completely lost in desire and didn't care who it was behind me, as long as it never stopped. At this point I was just in one big orgasm, wave after wave of pleasure rolling thru my body.He eventually pulled his fingers out and grabbed my hips and rammed into me harder and faster until I was speaking in tongues. I felt my body explode as a huge orgasm hit me and my pussy clenched his cock. At long last he let out a roar like victorious lion as he exploded inside me.He stayed in me long enough to go limp and slide out.Catching his breath, he rolled onto his back, and we lay for some time in an incredible afterglow.And then, he did something that was absolutely incredible (as though this experience hadn’t been already).He retrieved from the night stand a bottle of lotion.Still in control, he wordlessly rolled me onto my stomach and, starting at my calves, this man proceeded to begin a full, DEEP massage!Reaching the top of my legs me moved to my shoulders, & by the time he reached my lower back I was so relaxed I was only half awake, and as he continued the pleasured assault on my skin, everything faded to an incredibly delicious black. ****Whenever I have great or vigorous sex, I fall into a deep sleep.As I had just a very full day of both, it was not until the light of day filtered into my sleep that I woke.I felt as though I were deep underwater, and incredibly warm.As I woke I realized that the warmth was from my lover.He was spooned up to me, very close, I was even laying partly on his arm.He had quite the reputation as a formidable lawyer, and I had figured him to be aggressive in the bedroom, but his caring and kindness was pleasantly unexpected.I must have been somewhat awake, because I didn’t recall pulling on the light blue satin PJ top.It was cute, yet skimpy, and for a moment, I just enjoyed being held in comfort.I knew I wasn’t wearing the bottoms though, because I could feel his manhood at the very base of my rear.It was between my ass cheeks, and it stirred with him. Damn thing felt good.He was waking now, and I pushed back into him.With a sleepy chuckle I heard “mmph...morning sunshine.”I smiled and pushed back again, knowing I was about to make Lawyer Johnathan Roberts morning…and mine as well.




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