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” he told her在线观看永久免费网址

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” he told her在线观看永久免费网址

$75.00 WorthBy Master_VyleHe had picked out the one he though looked the best out of the small group gathered at the corner under the glow of the streetlight.She was slim, with blonde springy curls, dressed in a long sleeved red top that was open at the neck to reveal plenty of shoulder and a short white skirt.She was maybe 24 or 25, not too old and not too young.When he had motioned for her to come up to the passenger window of his car she had approached with the confidence that told him that she had no doubt that he was signaling for her. They had talked quickly and it was simple.For $75.00 she was available for as long as he wanted up to an hour.No menu of services and no separate prices.Just $75.00 dollars for whatever he needed to get off as long as it was straight, one on one, no handcuffs, cum wherever you want.Kissing was also okay if he wanted.“This ain’t Pretty Woman you’re dealing with,” she had said, flashing a casual smile and laughing. She directed him to a good place to park around the corner and she followed along on the sidewalk, waiting for him to get out so she could escort him up to her room in the building she was standing in front of.He was surprised at how easy it all was.It was not like he needed to do this.Women had never been a problem.It was just that he had always been curious about trying it.He had always wondered how it would be to be with someone who had no expectations of true enjoyment.$75.00 did not seem like a steep price just for a try. “Come on up and get your $75.00 worth,” she told him with a wink. He smiled back, then followed her into the building.Stepping behind her through the door he found himself in a stairwell.She started up the steps, not looking back, showing her confidence that he would follow.Once she was ahead seven or so steps he took his first, noting that she was wearing plain white panties under her skirt.She was definitely no frills. The apartment was small, almost a little hotel room.They stepped through a kitchenette that lead to the living area which contained a bed, a small sofa, a dresser which an old rabbit ear TV on it, and a beaten up looking dressing table with a vanity mirror.There was another door around the corner from the kitchen area.It was closed, but it was no doubt the bathroom. He took out his wallet and gave her the money, a fifty, a twenty and a five.Now they could get started. “How do you want it?,” she asked. He remembered the simple ground rules.For the most part it was easy.Again just straight sex.Since he was alone then there would be no complication there.She did not let anyone go down on her either, especially if they had already got off.She claimed that was too creepy, and he had no problem because he wanted this to be something were he was not expected to perform spectacularly.He also could not pretend that she was a little girl or his daughter.If he had those thoughts she had said to keep them in his head.He didn’t of course.He just wanted to try paying, just to see what it was really like. “Against the wall,” he told her, indicating the space beside the only window in the room. “Um, front or back?,” she asked. “The back.” “You gonna put it in my ass or my cunt?” “Your pussy.” She stepped to the wall and stretched her arms up, placing the palms on its surface.“Like this?”, she questioned, glancing back over her shoulder. His blood was starting to get going.He was getting a little excited now.He really was going to do this.“Yes, that’s the way.” She turned and looked back to him, slightly sagging against the wall.She cracked a smile, perhaps trying to look a little seductive or sexy.“You want me to get all the way naked?”She slid her feet apart, slipping down slightly more. “Just your panties.” With a sly smile she stuck the tip of her tongue out and slightly licked the top corner of her painted lips.Looking dead at him she squatted lower, bending her knees halfway.Then she held the hem of her skirt with her left hand as she reached up it with the right.After a little tugging and pulling the white cotton garment appeared past the hem of her skirt.Still holding her panties she rose back up, expertly pulling them down at the same time.She stepped one foot out, leaving her black flat on.Then she stepped her right foot out as she dipped down.She held her panties up for a second, then tossed them to the dresser where they landed, slightly hanging off the front left corner. He was hard now, fully hard.Reaching down he rubbed his pulsing dick through his pants. She beaconed him over to her.“No need to be shy now.” He took the few steps across the room to reach her.His heart was pounding.In his temples as well as his cock he could feel a hard and steady beat.This was exciting. “You want to kiss?” He shook his head. She reached out and grabbed the front of his pants, pulling his belt out she worked to get it undone.She looked to him with deep green eyes that looked as if they were taking his every action in so she could process them and figure out who and what he was.Next she unhooked the clasp of his pants and pulled the zipper down.“You want me to blow you?” He shook his head again. Again she cracked a slight smile.“However you want it.It’s your money.” She pulled his pants down, then kneeling in the small space between them she worked his underwear down.She made a pleased sounding noise in her throat as she admired his hard cock.As she worked herself back up she let her fingertips lightly brush his balls, then the length of his shaft. Once she was standing fully erect he gave her a slight push on her stomach, wordlessly urging her to turn around.She turned around and placed her hands on the wall as she had demonstrated to him before.He put his hands on her warm shoulder and then felt his way down.She let out a little gasp as he rubbed her breast through her clothes, feeling the fabric of her shirt grate slightly against the stiffer fabric of her bra.Standing against her he cupped her slim and soft belly.Creeping down below he slipped his hands under the hem of her shirt feeling soft and warm skin.Going past her stomach he continued to feel nothing but bare skin.She was shaved! He paused, letting go and stepping back.She remained silently standing with her hands on the wall as he worked to pop his right shoe off.Then he held the cuff of his pants leg with his left foot to work them off of his right leg.Once his leg was free he moved back up to her and spaced his feet a little further apart as he was now free to do so. Again she made a sound as he pressed closer.He reached between them and put his hands on her ass.Then he used them to raise her skirt up.She thrust her ass out in the space,夜夜爽妓女8888视频免费观看 pushing him back and putting herself at a level where he would have easier access. It was time now.He was rock hard, and the little things she had done to help him along had only served to make him harder.Yes, there was something exciting about doing this and knowing there were no expectations.There would be no worrying over disappointment.There would be no nagging or loving and playful talk.He didn’t even have to work to draw things out if he didn’t want to.It was just $75.00 changing hands, some sex, and then he was free, left with no worries or regrets. He reached between them and took his hardness in hand.He gave himself a couple of strokes as she gently tried to rub her ass against him.Then he rubbed the head against her moist and bare lips and with a squat and a thrust he had pushed it in.She made a little moan, which he was unsure if it was real or fake, arching her back and pushing her ass back slightly to take a little more inside.Then he took her waist and pushed himself up to slide the rest of the way into her sticky and steamy pussy. Now he worked to get into a rhythm.He kept a hand on her waist while he reached around with the other and reached up her shirt to rub her soft belly, occasionally feeling up to grope at the lacy and rough fabric of her bra.She gasped and panted as he pumped her and every now and then made a moan or coo.Other than this and his own breathing the room was silent, and when he realized this in the back of his mind it lent an eerie quality to the experience. Whether her sounds were actually practiced and calculated or not he got the impression that she really did get into her work and even enjoy it sometimes.After a little while she began to work with him as he thrust her, rotating her hips and grinding her ass against him to encourage him on.It was okay if she did cum, it was not that he didn’t want her to, he just did not want to be expected to. “Oh, man you’re pretty good,” she gasped, arching her back a little so that her sweaty cheek rubbed against his waist.She made no attempt to kiss him the way a girlfriend in a similar position no doubt would. He supposed that when she had asked about kissing before and he had said no that she assumed it meant for the whole time.That was okay, too. “Yeah,” he sighed, panting.It was his first word since they had started.His balls ached and there was the sensation of pulling from the pit of his stomach.He knew he was going to cum soon.Having no real need to hold back he pushed her against the wall, putting a forearm against her curl covered head and pressing the side of her face against the wall. “Ah, umm,” she sighed, sounding almost casual about it.She did break into a sweat after a moment though, the skin of her cheek became cool against his pressing arm. “That’s it.Bang my cunt.” He really did not need any more encouragement.He thrust a little harder, driving himself home.Then with a growl he let go and spurted into her pussy.He panted, groaned, thrust a few more times and then felt the head of his dick swell as he squeezed out a heavier burst.It was followed several thrusts later by the third, just as strong as the first.Immediately that was followed by a fourth, weaker and waning. After a moment he stopped moving.They both stood, sweating and panting against the wall.He realized that she was in the process of having a light orgasm of her own.Her dank and sticky pussy spasmed lightly.It was not very hard, but with his dick getting softer now that he had spent his cum it was steadily pushing him out.He pressed against her to make it last a little longer.Then after another couple of minutes he felt the head pop out from between her lips. “Ummm,” she cooed as he relaxed his arm against her head.“That was nice.” He let go and backed away, stooping to straighten out his pants leg to put his leg back in it. She slowly turned and looked to him, her face was sweaty and flushed.A big grin spread across her painted lips and her eyes stared at him with hunger.“You know you still have plenty of time left.” Pulling his pants on he nodded.“I know.”He zipped and buckled.Then he sat down on the edge of her bed to put his shoe back on. She leaned against the wall, hiking her skirt up.Standing with her knees apart her bare pussy looked stark and open.There was a drop of his semen slowly beginning to grow in the corner of one of the folds.Suggestively she rubbed the top of her mons.“If you’re sure.” “Yeah, it’s okay,” he told her. She let go of her skirt and straightened herself up taking a step off the wall.This movement was enough to make her skirt drop down enough to cover her pussy.“It’s your money.”Her actions said that she wanted more, but she gave off the impression that it was no big deal if she did not get any.For the money there were no expectations on her part, one of the things he understood made it a worthwhile experience. “I’ll go now,” he told her, rising. She smiled.“Okay.Thank you for your business.” Now he found he could not help but pause and give her a smile of his own.“Thank you for your services.” “My pleasure,” she said with a wink.“Be sure to cum again.” His smile stretched wider.In the beginning he was not sure if he would have the courage to even make an attempt to try.But now that he had he could see the appeal.He felt sure he would do it again.Probably not with her, but he was sure, definitely with someone, sometime.THE END




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